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Be an Accredited Training Provider with IAOBPC

Be a Recognised and Accredited Professional Training Provider of Excellence In Your Field With The IAOBPC

Our IAOBPC Accredited Training Provider status is designed to support those who create their own training programmes throughout the coaching, and consulting industry, whether that is delivering standard coaching or consulting modality training courses or individually created ones. We believe that creativity should be encouraged and our accreditation system supports those training providers who are creating new and exciting training courses by giving them the recognition and quality assurance for learners.

The Benefits of Being an IAOBPC Accredited Training Provider include the following:

  • UNLIMITED Accreditation Of Your Training Courses!

  • Be recognised as a professional training provider of excellence in your field.

  • Use of the IAOBPC Accredited Training Provider logos on all your materials including, website, media, promotional materials, training materials, completion certificates etc to enhance client confidence and credibility with your affiliation to a professional association.

  • Free Listing in our IAOBPC Accredited Training Provider Directory for client reassurance and to promote your business.

  • Free promotion of your IAOBPC Accredited Training business through our website and throughout the internet and the world.

  • Accredited Training Provider Certificate, awarded annually to show clients your ongoing commitment to excellence in training. This may also be used in your promotional materials. (please note we do not provide a certificate service for your students it is up to you to create your own completion certificates using the IAOBPC Accredited Training Provider logos)

  • 50% discount on Full Membership for your Students

  • Your dedicated IAOBPC Accredited Training Provider member area with access to your Training Provider profile, stationary downloads, certificate templates and discounted membership link for your students.

Required Training Standards for IAOBPC Accredited Training Provider:

Courses must meet the following standards to qualify for accreditation:

  • Be delivered online or in person

  • Be no less than 2 hours long

  • Provide supporting learning materials

  • Provide access to a tutor throughout either via email, online support, or in person

  • Provide a method of testing that the knowledge has been learnt

  • Provide a certificate of completion either through the training platform or provided personally

IAOBPC Accredited
Investment: $149/yr
Register to Get Accreditated
Membership Plans

Sample Certificate of Accreditation


How to Apply?

  1. Register for an account with us.

  2. Purchase a membership plan.

  3. Submit the necessary documents for verification and approval to --> Our volunteer members will help you with the accreditation process. Please allow 5 working days for processing.

  4. Once approved, you will receive the e-certificate via email.

Documents Needed

  • Training provider website.

  • Brief course description stating the following:

    • Course Title​

    • Description

    • Learning Objective

    • Duration and delivery mode

IAOBPC's accreditation have significantly helped with my organization's attempt in building a credible and reliable training system for professionals seeking value added skills and certifications as a recognised profession.

Lance Wolfe. 

Branding was an important factor for me to drive up interest in our training programmes. IAOBPC's prestigious branding and support, helped our training programmes build strong credibility and trust among learners. Creating value in the programmes.

Ashley Weirlock. 

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