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International Association of Business Psychology Coaches

For the advancement of the profession of business psychology coaches


Our Vision

International Association of Board Certified Psychology Coaches (IAOBPC) is passionate about promoting excellence in the ethical practice of psychology coaches and related disciplines across science, education, business and in real life practical situations.  As an international association and the representative body for psychology coaches and consultant globally, we take great pride in setting high standards and being the flagship organisation for the discipline or any discipline related to psychology, life coaching, mental wellness - raising aspirations and creating opportunities for shared thinking and learning.

Our Mission

International Association of Board Certified Psychology Coaches (IAOBPC)'s mission is to create greater public awareness of psychology coaches, its related disciplines, and its practical applications that are of significant benefit for many industries - sparking new interests and engagements, while increasing the knowledge and passion that exists for the discipline across a variety of settings.  Additionally, we advocate for raising the standards, prestige, and recognition of psychology coaches professionals internationally.  

Our Obligation

As an international association, we obligate ourselves to:

  1. Uphold our position as the learned organisation and professional body for psychology coaches

  2. Foster an equal, diverse and inclusive community - which include not just psychology coaches, but also other related discipline such as career coaches, therapists, life coaches, human resources, management consultants, and many others

  3. Champion psychology coaching and consulting in all areas as a recognised profession

  4. Be the voice of psychology coaches

Advocating for the prestige and recognition for psychology coaches across all industries

Message from CEO

Psychology coaching and consulting is not new.  However, the profession have not received a consistent internationally supported recognition, prestige, and credibility that many other therapist or even coaching certification provides.  IAOBPC is established to address specifically that.  With an internationally focused advocacy for high standards of practice governed by professional ethics, we hope to provide recognition for many psychology coaching and consulting professionals in area of life coaching, mental wellness, corporate services, as well as its related disciplines. - Dr. Keith Highmyer

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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