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Thank you for submitting your registration interests, we have been going through our bi-annual internal audit from January 1st 2024 to May 31st 2024. We are now completing the internal audit process. Your registration application will be attended to shortly. Thank you.

Welcome to International Association of Board Certified Psychology Coaches

Are you a practitioner?
Are you a Training Provider?

For the advancement of professional psychology coaches, consultants, and training providers internationally

International Association of Board Certified Psychology Coaches (IAOBPC) is a non-profit, professional international organisation offering membership and training provider accreditation to those seeking professional recognition in their field - specifically in the practice psychology coaches, consultants, in the area of mental health care, education, community health, human resources, business, training, and development.


It was formed in recognition of the fact that as a psychology practitioner (coach or consultant) and/or a training provider, there is a lack of international recognition for the profession and industry.  Globally, connectedness and awareness of the value psychology brings into organisations, businesses, and individual consumers drive up the demand for psychology practice as a psychology coach or consultant (mental health care, education, community health, human resources, business, training, and development) in global customer marketplace and we want you to have access to that.


Most associations only give you recognition in the country you were trained in; however, the IAOBPC membership will give you access to professional recognition in any country and your accredited training provider status will enable you to accredit your training courses wherever your learners or you are based.


Fundamentally, IAOBPC is committed to the advancement for the professional recognition, and quality practice of psychology coaches or consultants (mental health care, education, community health, human resources, business, training, and development) holistically and internationally for all people.

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Benefits of Accreditation and Certifications


Build Credibility and Recognition

Supported by a network of professionals in your area of expertise, you gain credibility and recognition for existing within a professional body. Enhancing your value as a professional practitioner and also for future billing purposes.


Endorsement of Professional Expertise

With our different membership tier of (1) Accredited Training Providers, (2) Board Certified Coach, (3) Board Certified Consultant, consumers will know that you have met professional standards to achieve certifications.


Network and Visibility for your Brand

With international visibility and network of training providers, coaches, and consultants, you can also leverage on these resources to enhance your professional practice and training provision to international audience with better support.

Industries We Serve
  • Customer Service

  • Sales & Marketing

  • IT & Engineering

  • Human Resources

  • Social Services

  • Banking & Finance

  • Coaching & Consulting

  • Mental Health Care

  • Personal Development

  • Career Coaching

  • Professional Development

  • Education & Training

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